Jay’s Bio

Jay S. Sorkin is a 35 year veteran of the financial markets   With 25 years as a trader and broker in the pits of Chicago exchanges, he is an expert in futures, options and
derivatives.  He was twice elected to the Board of Directors of the Chicago Board of trade.

After leaving the trading floor, he worked with two start-up, all-electronic exchanges and was involved in all aspects of the running of a business in this highly regulated industry.

Mr. Sorkin is also the co-inventor of a new method of charting and analyzing financial
markets.  This new methodology, based on chaos theory, analyzes the market as a complex adaptive system, and uses fractal geometry to graphically display market activity in multi-dimensions.

His research over two decades in these new theories has shaped his thinking about
business and the world in general. Whether in his writing, his discussion groups or in his consulting projects, he looks at the interconnectedness of issues, the feedback loops they create and the emergence of new properties.

Mr. Sorkin is still a member of the CME Group, and continues to teach courses on the
futures and options markets, most recently for Northwestern University, as well as privately. He continues to write about the markets and has edited and ghost-written for several other writers. He is a sought-after speaker on all of these subjects.  He has
previously hosted his own nationally syndicated radio program, The Futures Exchange.